1906 Established for manufacturing tools for textile spinning machine
1913 Began production of casting products
1937 Began manufacturing of industrial machinery
1960 Began manufacturing of automotive parts and started supply to PRINCE MOTOR CO., LTD. (current NISSAN MOTOR CO., LTD.)
1961 Listed on 2nd section of Tokyo Stock Exchange
1962 Established headquarters and the plant for production of machine tool in Kiriu, Gunma
1966 Nissan acquired a majority stock in our company
1968 Built the plant for automotive parts in Ashikaga
1973 Established the subsidiary named Ohu Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. (current KIRIU YAMAGATA CORP.)
1978 Established the subsidiary named Kiryu Kohsan Co., Ltd. (current KIRIU KOHSAN CORP.)
1989 Received Nissan Quality Control Award
Built R&D facility in Ashikaga Plant
1991 Built the 4th plant for machining in Ashikaga Plant
1992 Built the 5th plant for machining in Ashikaga Plant
1993 Established the subsidiary named Kiriu Oita Co., Ltd.
1995 Set up molding machine for large-size casting parts in Ashikaga Plant
1998 Joined the management of P.T. KIRIU BUDIPRIMA INDONESIA for casting
1999 Awarded TPM (Total Productive Management) Excellence-First Category
2001 March Closed Kiriu Oita
July Established KIRIU TECHNO CORPORATION as the subsidiary for machine & tools by spin-out
July Established the subsidiary named KIRIU USA CORPORATION (Bowling Green, KY)
October Company name changed to KIRIU CORPORATION from Kiriu Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd.
December Independence from NISSAN Group through MBO
2002 April Became un-listed on 2nd section of Tokyo Stock Exchange
2003 November KIRIU TECHNO CORPORATION relocated to Isesaki city from Kiriu city in Gunma
2004 April Established Detroit Office of KIRIU USA CORPORATION
April Established KIRIU LIOHO Co. Ltd. (Huadu, Guangzhou, China)(JV with TW LIOHO)
July Sumitomo Corporation acquired stocks of our company
2005 October Headquarters transferred to Ashikaga, Tochigi
December Established KIRIU SAMICK in Korea (Dalseo-gu, Daegu) (JV with SAMICK LMS)
2006 January Established KIRIU (THAILAND) CO., LTD.
January Established KIRIU MEXICANA S.A. DE C.V.
2007 December Established “Munjal Kiriu Industries Pvt. Ltd” in India (JV with Hero Motors Limited)
2008 January Established “KIRIU OITA CORP.“
2010 August Mergers and acquisitions of KIRIU KOUSAN.
2011 February Munjal Kiriu Industries Pvt. Limited became a consolidated subsidiary of KIRIU by a capital increase.
2012 January Established “KIRIU ILRIM AUTOPARTS MACHINE(YANTAI) CO.,LTD.” In China
April Joined in a capital of FUJIWA MACHINERY INDUSTRY (HUBEI) CO,LTD.to strengthen Production in China