Mar-2017 Personnel Changes
Mar-2017 SAE Brake Colloquium 2016 Best Paper Award
Nov-2016 Presentation at Brake Forum in Japan
Oct-2016 Presented Paper at SAE 2016 Brake Colloquium & Exhibition
Nov-2015 Presented Paper at SAE 2015 Brake Colloquium & Exhibition
Mar-2015 Personnel Changes
Nov-2014 Presented Paper at SAE 2014 Brake Colloquium & Exhibition
Jul-2014 Personnel Changes
Mar-2014 Personnel Changes
Oct-2013 Presented Paper at SAE 2013 Brake Colloquium & Exhibition
Jun-2013 To Present a Paper at EuroBrake 2013
May-2013 Announcement of Reorganization and Personnel Changes
Sep-2012 Presented Paper at SAE 2012 Brake Colloquium & Exhibition
Apr-2012 KIRIU THAILAND, Subsidiary of KIRIU COROPORATION Adds 2nd Casting Line
Apr-2012 KIRIU Strengthens Its Operation in China
Mar-2012 Announcement of Personnel Changes & Exhibition
Sep-2011 Presented Paper at SAE 2011 Brake Colloquium & Exhibition
Jun-2011 Announcement of Organizational and Personnel Changes
Oct-2010 Presented Paper at SAE 2010 Brake Colloquium & Exhibition
Oct-2010 KIRIU Decided to Rump Up Casting Capacity of KIRIU MEXICANA, Subsidiary in Mexico.
May-2010 Presented Paper at 2010 JSAE Annual Congress
Oct-2009 Presented Paper at SAE 27th Brake Colloquium & Exhibition
May-2009 Presented Paper at 2009 JSAE Annual Congress
Mar-2009 Personnel Change of Executives
Oct-2008 Presented Paper at SAE 26th Brake Colloquium & Exhibition
Sep-2008 Presented Paper at FISITA 2008 World Automotive Congress
May-2008 Presented Paper at 2008 JSAE Annual Congress
Dec-2007 KIRIU Corporation to Establish New Company in Oita
Dec-2007 KIRIU Corporation to Enter India Market (through joint venture with local company)
Oct-2007 Presented Paper at SAE 25th Brake Colloquium & Exhibition
Jul-2007 Personnel and Work Responsibility Change of Executives
Jun-2007 Presented Paper at 2007 JSAE Annual Congress
Jun-2007 KIRIU Corporation entered into MOU for forming JV in India
Apr-2007 Organization Change, Personnel and Work Responsibility Change of Executives

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