Since our establishment in 1906, we have conducted and expanded our business. In more than 100 years of the history, we have grown into a specialist supplier of casting and machining, who now takes a central role of automotive business in Sumitomo Corporation Group.

Our main products are brake related parts, critical safety parts, supporting the fundamental performance of vehicles, “Turn” and “Stop”. Meeting such sensitive requirements, we offer optimal design through KIRIU’s unique and original analysis technique, and in-house developed facilities and measurement instruments allow us to provide stable and high quality products.

Drawing on “IKKI SEISAN”, a production way originally established in a long experience, today we can provide our products with globally consistent level of quality and performance. More than 5,000 colleagues in 13 production sites spread in eight countries around the world strive to develop and produce KIRIU’s quality product.

Satisfying a wide variety of expectations for automobiles, we will aim to further development of our business while providing safety and comfort to our valued customers in the world through KIRIU’s quality product.

Makoto Yoshimoto