Advantage of Vertical Lathe  ( Feature of KIRIU TECHNO products )
The core product is a slim vertical CNC Lathe.
They have corresponded to processing machines for the various auto parts .
Further more they are possible to compose all processing for the piston ,the brake disc and the brake drum.
The automation equipment that processes various autoparts such as diffs , hub , knuckles and others
get a high evaluation from the users as a simple and tough machine.
Vertical CNC Lathe that is compact and high production effiency will be possible to combine the robot and the loader ,
and demonstrate a high cost performance. So we will construct the line corresponded to your purpose and conditions.
1.Economical work area. (Advantage of Vertical Lathe)

 ♦short work distance is achieved by minimum width of the machine in the class.
   KVL15-S2  800 mm
   KVL25-D4 1,950 mm 2sp-2turret
   KVL25-S2 1,200 mm
   KVL40-S2 1,500 mm

♦Space is 60% or less of  a horizontal lathe. 40% or less in two spindle machine.
2.The grasp accuracy is excellent.
(Advantage of Vertical Lathe)
♦The clamping posture isn't against gravity.
♦The repeatability of the clamping is high.

3.The processing accuracy is steady.   
( Feature of KIRIU TECHNO products )
♦Integral box type column bed with high rigidity.
♦Using molded column bed have excellent effect on attenuation.
♦Spindle structure with little heat displacement influence.

4.High Accuracy and High rigidity.  
( Feature of KIRIU TECHNO product )
♦KVL-Guide given hand finishing has both rigidity and accuracy.
♦KFT-High precise linear slide 
         gives accuracy of high rank.